Sunday, May 6, 2012

Promenade to left....

 How does IndyCar decide on it's "partners?" We are quickly approaching Labor Day and by the time the second annual Baltimore Grand Prix will have (hopefully) run, it will be on it's third promoter. If IndyCar is that third promoter, then it's very likely that by the time the third annual Baltimore GP runs, they will have had FOUR promoters. What makes matter worse is that this was a very successful event.

 In 2011 a company was given the opportunity to promote Milwaukee, and proceeded to crash and burn. Here were are a year later and there's now a second promoter is running the race in Milwaukee. I hope that Andretti does well, and from what I gather, anything was better than the Avocado bunch.


 Izod seems to have left town. Was it Dan's accident? Was it Danica's departure? Was the ROI much lower than expected? What is the introduction Lids?

 And then there's China, which also has no way to buy tickets. Penske and Ganassi have already made it known they aren't very happy about this race either and there seems to be very little talk on returning there next year.

 So, what's it take to be a "partner" with IndyCar?

 Where's the long term goal here?

 This wouldn't be so bad if it was just one of these things, but when you put them all together.... I just want to hear some answers.

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