Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Maybe I'm Underthinking This

Seems like everyone is jumping on the "how to fix IndyCar" bandwagon. Pressdog has a great blog here and Steph over at More Front Wing comes equally as strong with her blog here. They aren't alone, Track Forum and practically the entire IndyCar blogger community is full of people who have some great ideas on how to "fix" IndyCar.


There's something missing in all these great ideas.

No one ever stops and asks themselves one very simple question. The scary part is, the answer to the question might be the answer to IndyCar's biggest problems.

How did I become a fan of IndyCar?

We can go on and on about to attract new fans, but maybe we should look at ourselves and say, "this is why I started watching and this is why I stayed." It stands to reason that if something drew you to the sport, why couldn't that same thing draw someone else to the sport?

Was it the speed, the technology, the tracks, the drivers, the competition, the manufacturers, the glitz, the glamour, the danger...

Or was it a zip line and a ferris wheel?

So next time you're thinking up all these ideas to gain new fans, remember that you are a fan and whatever attracted you to IndyCar could just as easily attracted someone else.

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